The main choice in treatment for iron deficiency state is the  administration of drugs or food supplements based in iron. However, one major problem related to this therapeutic group in clinical practice is the appearance of side effects associated to iron administration, which can lead to a difficulties into therapeutic management and also conditioning patient compliance in long-term treatments.

Despite many doctors have experimented various treatment regimens to overcome the side effect problem, it still represents a barrier for long term iron deficiency treatments. Moreover, the physiological inability of the body to absorb all ingested iron that is absorbed only in small fraction (10% to 20%) even in patients with severe iron deficiency, have often undesirable consequences that aggravates the clinical condition.

In this context, in which abandonment of therapy is very common, there is a need for new formulations that improve the absorption and tolerability of iron intake to ensure a better compliance to treatment allowing an adequate solution for iron deficiency states.

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