A.E.I. 24 is a pharmaceutical company in development and expansion, always attentive to the needs of its strategic partners in each market where it operates. A.E.I. 24 is geared to the needs of its customers, with a strong culture of teamwork and the commitment of quality service to achieve excellence.

A.E.I. 24 is formed by a team of professionals specialized in marketing and export of pharmaceutical products with extensive knowledge of the procedures of the sector. The products we develop and represent are of high quality and are produced in the EU under strict manufacturing standards, playing an active role in business growth and development of the local economy.

A.E.I. 24 is a company with a modern profile that encourages interaction with its customers in order to produce solutions adapted to the reality of the markets in LATAM, Europe, Asia and MENA where it is present with its current and innovative products. As a result of the excellent work done, we are currently present in over 40 countries.

A.E.I. 24 is in permanent contact with all its strategic partners, with whom it works together to create synergies and successful business alliances that can respond to market needs, improving health and quality of life of people.

Our portfolio of OTC products / HealthCare and exclusive representation, allowing us to develop an intense work focused on licensing (in-licensing and out-licensing) and exports, where our priority is customer satisfaction.

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